Love for the Pilot

A fear of flying gives a real estate agent heading for Hawaii a first class ticket to true love.

Tony is deathly afraid of flying. He has to take a sleeping pill just to get through the short commute from his offices in LA to corporate in San Francisco.

The only thing is, Tony has a demanding job as an agent for one of the premiere real estate companies in the world. He’s either always on a plane, or on a boat, or a train…point is, he has no time for anything outside of work. Namely relationships. No one understands the time commitment, the pressure.

That is, not until Tony has to take a flight to Hawaii to scout the perfect listing for a secretive billionaire client…just one plane ride to get through, one more successful sale, and he’ll make enough to find a less stressful career.

Blue sees a lot of people pass through his plane. All kinds. Most of them are entitled and don’t tip enough, not that he needs it with his massive bank account. But he’s never met someone as fearful for a flight to Hawaii as his current passenger, Tony. Tony’s a grade-A worrywart, but in spite of himself, Blue finds conversation comes easy…especially since there’s undeniable chemistry between the two.

Too bad he’ll never see the guy again. This is his last flight before he retires early. Too much stress on the heart, flying all the time. Good thing he has an appointment with one of the best real estate agents in the business that afternoon…