Love for the Fireman

A wildfire sets two cold hearts to burning.

River is facing the toughest fire season of his career in the forests of California. With climate change drying the state out like never before, lives are on the line and there’s just not enough man power to keep everyone safe. But he’s going to try.

A nearly fatal mistake on the job due to exhaustion and overworking leads River to be benched for a week. But his last job keeps him from getting any rest. He can’t get the man he saved out of his thoughts…

Sloane was supposed to be in the Alps with his family celebrating the business breaking its eighth billion dollar in annual revenue. But Sloane is tired of working, he’s tired of making world changing money while being contractually obligated to reinvest with business he doesn’t agree with. But he and his father have never seen eye to eye when it comes to business.

He’s taken the month away to seclude himself in a forested cabin in California. He thought the property would be safe from fire season…but it’s only days before he’s being rescued by a firefighter willing to fight tooth and nail to defy the odds to get him to safety.

Unable to move on from his brush with death, and the guilt of his family’s company possible being to blame for the fire, he seeks out the mystery fireman…only to turn both their world’s upside down.