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Hunter lives a good life. He works long hours in construction, looks after his sister, Riley, and has the occasional hookup when he’s not too tired. Riley wants him to meet someone serious, but things are good. Why rock the boat?

When Hunter gets a message on a dating profile he doesn’t remember making, he realizes his sister set him up. It’s only once he’s agreed to meet the guy for coffee that things reveal themselves for what they are. The handsome stranger introduces himself as Joe Montanari–and he offers Hunter money in exchange for his time. Despite hitting it off with the guy, Hunter isn’t interested in selling himself for some quick cash. Needless to say, it’s a hard no.

Days later, things start falling apart. Hunter loses his job, his car breaks down, and he’s left with little choice but to reach out and accept Montanari’s offer. He must learn to smooth down his rough edges, suck it up, and take the money until he figures out a Plan B.

What he doesn’t expect is to start falling for Montanari. But with every passing day Hunter learns more of the secrets the mysterious Montanari hides–the kind he can’t shake no matter how close they grow or how much Montanari spoils him. It’s only a matter of time before Hunter has to decide…

Is it worth pursuing something real with someone he’s learning might be very dangerous… Or will Montanari’s secrets implode, making the choice for him?

What Readers Are Saying

"Read this for a bit of fun and romance, only to find I couldn't put it down! Ryan and Cooper's relationship is screaming with tension and snark, I think I bit the head off of everyone who dared to interrupt me - will definitely be reading again!"
On..."He's My Associate"
Amazon Review
"Did you look at the book title, look at the cover, and come up with exactly what you wanted out of this book? Fear not, it absolutely delivers what you want without making you wade through 50 pages of angst to get there."
Goodreads Review